I’ve been everywhere, man. This year I taught in the US (Ohio, Colorado, Florida, California, Virginia) , England (Oxford, London), Sweden (Stockholm, Malmö, Lund, Gothenburg, Kista), Denmark, Israel (Tel Aviv, Haifa), Estonia (Tartu, Tallinn), Romania (Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest), New Zealand (Wellington, Christchurch), Australia (Sydney, Adelaide).

But for volcanoes, I would even have been to my nemesis, Canada.

I have been in business 11 years. Last year was our slowest year. This year was our busiest. Next year looks even busier. In normal times, I am booked pretty solid two months out. At this moment I have 10 months of travel and teaching already planned.

(Please approach me anyway if you want training or consulting. I sometimes have cancellations, after all. Also, sometimes if I can’t do the job, my colleague Michael Bolton can.)

Oh my God. It looks like I’ll have three or four weeks at home during the entire January-October period.

Maybe I should expand the business? Delegate? Well, the problem is I don’t know how to do that without sacrificing quality. Rapid Testing must be taught in a very interactive and Socratic fashion by people who thoroughly know how to test. And besides, most people seem to want me, personally, to present it. So, for the time being, until my debts are paid and I build more of a nest egg, I will continue to wander and teach.

But it sure is nice to think that, maybe, this material I’m preaching is beginning to catch on.

Please, someone, consider the possibility of getting coaching and training over the Net? I would love to do what I do from home a little more often.

Anyway, next stop, Indianapolis… then Singapore…