Um, unless you’ve been in a cave the last week or so, you’ve heard about the recent leak of Diplomatic “Cables” (what a love anachronism in 2010.)  Not the leak, but the idea of telegrams.

So, listening to the radio on my way home from work last night, a commentator likened the situation that the US and its diplomatic “partners” are in to a teenager’s private comments about their friends getting back to those friends.  All of them.  At once.  They went on to talk about how they would and need to rebuild their trust to rebuild their relationship. 

That got me thinking about some conversations I had a while ago, both in person and by email.  The thing is, there was one really simple theme running throughout all of them.  The entire development organization, not just the testers, not just the developers or designers or BAs or PMs – but all of them – must trust each other to be doing the best they can do, and they know how to do.

If that trust is lacking, the group will not be able to function properly.  If one section of the group believes themselves superior in some way, that will show through to all the groups and will be as destructive to the overall relationship as, well, having private communications made public.