In a recent blog post, Q&A about software testing, Alan Page says, “If you’re with me and want to support a Stack Exchange site on software testing, please go to the proposal and pledge your support. However, when I clicked on the link it took me to a proposal whose title and description contained no mention of the word “testing” at all. And yet, most of the proposed questions on the site deal primarily with some aspect of software testing. Oddly enough, one question that I thought was relevant, “Is software quality assurance the same as software testing?”, received no votes as an on-topic question, one vote as an off-topic question, and 2 votes as not a good example. To me, at this stage of the proposal, I would have voted for this as one of the best on-topic questions and a chance to really define what the site would be about.

To me, it feels like there is incongruity between the title and description of the proposal and what the folks proposing questions think the site is for. Some might think that I’m overly sensitive about the terminology aspect of the site but I think it is important and, based on what I see, I can’t sign up to commit to this proposal. I would be more inclined to support a stack exchange site where the discussion showed an understanding of what SQA is and covered the full range of it or a stack exchange site that was unapologetically about software testing.