Firstly, I must now approve all comments as spam has run rampant. This is an attempt to manage it. Once I approve you to comment, you can always comment, so please be patient as I try to make my comments worth reading in this blog. Rather than posting this on Wednesday as I’d hoped, I found and reported a bug to Using a workaround, I now present to you the video blog I’d planned to share 2 days ago.

In case you don’t have 5 minutes, let me summarize.
I did a webinar today on 9 Tips to Encourage Collaboration hosted by Frank Cohen from I’ll share the link once it is posted next week! Everyone can watch it for free and send me comments/questions/throw rotten tomatoes! Today’s webinar was the first time I presented with a cat on my lap the entire time. It was quite calming, although I blame her for me going over time as I normally leave 10 minutes at least for discussion and stories. Kind of weak to give a talk on collaboration and then not take any input? Yeah–Well, give me some input. Blog about what you thought if you like and I’ll comment back to you.

I’m reading Weinberg on Writing right now. I like it, but as I lazily skimmed the exercises I’ve decided to go back and do them all instead of being that “instructions are for wussies” arrogant girl that I can be sometimes. Rules? What rules? I break them or make them, don’t abide by them.

Also, THANK YOU. To the people who read my blog. To the many people who’ve helped me get started and grow as a speaker and writer this year. To the people who believed in me when I got laid off. To those who recommended me and showed up! Happy Thanksgiving.