Did you know that CAST will be serving breakfast, lunch, and snacks? They are come free with your conference registration.

More than that, we are currently working on sponsors to provide pop and snacks at dinner every night — Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. And it’s possible those turn into dinners.

If you are attending CAST on your own dime, you’ll be able to load up on free food and only have to pay for a minimal number of dinners. Likewise, if the company is sending you, between hotel discounts and all the food, the cost will be significantly less than your typical “Big Box” conference with the sixty dollar dinner buffet. You can practically afford to send two for the price of one. I will be personally sponsoring snacks in the Rebel Alliance hospitality suite on Tuesday night. Don’t say I never gave ya nothin’. 🙂

Of course, since CAST doesn’t work with rebels the way, say, a ‘STAR’ conference might, we may go for a different theme. “The CAST Aways” probably works. Just don’t call me “little buddy” and hit me with your hat!

Other stuff – there’s a tool called “Is the website down or is it just me?” that seems handy-dandy, and I’ve got a lot more blog material up at the Software Test Professionals site. If you’re hungry for posts from me, check out that site. I’ll have a blog post every week (or more), plus, new, a “This Week in Software Testing” podcast up once a week or more.