A former fellow of the ISTQB sent me some secret dirt about the ISTQB qualifications process.

(Editors Note: The ISTQB is the organization of cash-grubbing bullies that runs advertisements that say things like “join the elite”– meaning “pay us to give you a ridiculous and unnecessary exam that almost everyone passes so that dimwitted managers will think that you know how to test software.”  If you are ISTQB certified, and you actually know how to test, then you know how silly the exam is.)

I don’t mind getting email. What bugs me here is that the guy, after telling me that the ISTQB is basically a bad organization run by nasty people, then sent me a follow-up letter about how he would sue me if I passed that information on to anyone else.

First he wants to cry on my shoulder, and then he threatens me!

Listen Bernard, don’t threaten me with penalties for telling the truth. The problem I have with you guys is that you lack courage and education. Please don’t expect me to have the same spinning moral compass as you do.

I will not publish verbatim what you sent me. That would violate your copyright. You own the copyright to your own email. But I have made no agreements with you about keeping information secret that you send unsolicited to my inbox on purpose and with full knowledge that I am opposed to the ISTQB and all that it represents. It was obviously intended as a leak. Perhaps instead of threatening me directly, you should tell Rex Black to have his lawyers send a demand letter asking for the return of the memo you leaked to me.

But here’s a better idea: you could have asked me nicely to do what you asked. Perhaps in Belgium they also have this saying “You can catch more flies with honey than with flamey emails.”