I’ll be keynoting at CAST on investment modeling and exploratory test automation.

In its essence, exploratory testing is about learning new things about the quality of the software under test. Exploratory test automation is about using software to help with that learning.

Testing the value of investment models is an interesting illustration because it is all about the quality of the software, it is intensely automated, and none of the tests are regression tests. This is one illustration of automated exploration. I’ll point to others in my talk and paper.

THERE’S STILL TIME TO SUBMIT YOUR OWN PROPOSAL FOR A PRESENTATION. (The official deadline is March 20, but if you’re a few days late, I bet the conference committee will still read your proposal.)

Here’s the link: http://conferences.associationforsoftwaretesting.org/

What’s different about CAST is that we genuinely welcome discussion and debate. Any participant can ask questions of any speaker. Any participant can state her or his counter-argument to a speaker. We’ll keep taking questions all day. Artificial time limits are not used to cut off discussion.  After all, the point of a conference is “conferring.”

See you there…